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In today’s world we see how technology changes from one day to the next. However, in previous decades each new advance was seen as a huge success and step forward.

Here we are going to talk about, how, at first something that started out as a crazy idea, became much more than just a desirable object.

We are talking about the calculator watch and how the watch brand Casio made it into a global product. If you have ever owned one, delve into this text and nostalgia will take you backing time to those marvellous years of the Casio calculator watch.

A look back into the story behind the Casio calculator watch.

We can say that up until the appearance of the watch we are going to talk about, a watch had no other function other than to show you the time. That is until the calculator watch arrived on the scene.

Although Casio launched its first model in Europe in 1980, there are several arguments and opinions as to who really was the first manufacturer and seller of this unique item that broke all the rules and offered something more, something different.

Over time all types of models have appeared, up to the point that we are overwhelmed by the number of functions that watches now offer us, endless widgets, colours and possibilities on the screen. But, what we are really going to talk about is the Casio calculator watch.

Prototypes and models

In the middle of the 1970’s many prototypes and models were brought to light, although possibly the most bizarre thing about them is that could all be branded as useless. This is the case of The Calcron LED Wrist Calculator, a pioneer in this field but not very practical.

The key year was 1975. The brand Uranus developed a model whose numbers were tactile, but it never got off the ground due to being too complex. This same year Hamilton Pulsar Company designed and launched the watch universally known by all of us.

Other companies joined in to try and improve the technology but none of the tests carried out were conclusive until the beginning of the 1980’s when Casio brought out what was thought of as a far away utopia the Casio calculator watch.

Casio eighties watch

Coinciding with the boom of the digital era (watches of course being no exception) and the arrival of LCD technology, megasonic and Citizen models appeared on the market (looking very much like the Uranus model we previously spoke of).

Casio calculator 1980

It was the Casio, in 1980 who revolutionised the market offering customers different ranges in plastic, metal, different sizes and colours.

Today’s models that remind us of the 80’s Vintage WatchesCasio calculator black

They still exist today and many different models can be found. Like the classical CA-506-1D, a nice watch that comes without light, just like the old days!

In plastic versions such as the LDF-40-2A or more elongated versions such as the DBC-32-1A. It may seem that we are talking about a range of cheap watches, however their appearance continues to captivate the most romantic amongst us and it is this precisely what is valued more than its price, that even today is affordable for most of us.
A luxury in the world of vintage watches that automatically takes us back in time to the 80’s. A more expensive model, given its uniqueness is the gold plated model the DBC-611G-1EF.

How we have changed!

It’s always good to remember classic models but when we talk about these watches in particular we are referring to something more. These watches can take us back to another era, when there was no internet and we lived by different rules.

Today, we are just a click away from anything and everything. It’s an advantage of modern society. We can buy watches online, even from our mobile phones.

Banned in some schools

Be what may though the fusion of these two functions reading the time and being able to calculate marked an era and that is why it’s worth remembering.

In some schools, pupils were banned from using it during exams. Who would have said to the creators of the Casio calculator watch in 1981 that their watch would survive the test of time and be equally iconic today as back then?

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