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The brand Casio has been present in practically all of our homes with watches such as the legendary F-91W now available in bright colours and the latest creations from the Japanese brand including time adjustment by radio control.

The most retro series called Casio Vintage has been the most sought after watch in the last few years thanks to the surge in vintage fashions from the 1980’s. Watches such as the gold Casio A168WG have been revolutionised after 30 years after the model was first launched.

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Casio Vintage retro style

If there is a watch that has stood the test of time more than all the others then the Casio watch is it. Now well known for its retro style. A symbol of modernity and technology in the 1980’s, the famous F-91, now known as the Casio vintage watch became the best selling digital watch worldwide. It can withstand dust, bumps and rain like no other. It is ridiculously cheap in comparison to what it can do.

Casio watches are known for being working watches and have been for the last 30 years. If we move forward in time to halfway through the last decade, in 2008 a famous designer used a gold Casio watch in one of his catwalk shows, the Casio 168wg-9 to be precise. This, soon become an icon of vintage watches also called retro watches and became the most sought after watch by fashion lovers, bloggers…etc and lovers of buying watches online.

We mustn’t forget those who are nostalgic of Casio watches from their childhood. Most of us will remember it as a watch we received for our first communion and now it is utmost chic. If you want to buy a retro Casio then look no further than our online store. Here you can find our selection of Casio vintage watches at great, competitive prices, brand new and authentic with a two-year warranty. We are official distributors of Casio.

Casio G-shock. Shock Resistant

G-Shock is synonymous with maximum strength. Watches are waterproof up to 200 metres.
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Casio Baby-G

Baby G is the coolest Casio collection offering hardwearing, waterproof watches.

Fantastic watches from the Baby-G Collection.

This bright red Casio is fun and attractive. This retro series is one of the most demanded online. Be bold, be daring, be Baby-G. Combine this vibrant timepiece with black to make it really stand out. 

It is shock resistant making it ideal for energetic activities. Wear it at the gym or boot camp! 

They are fitted with several features that are typical of Casio watches. They have an Electro-luminescent backlight with Afterglow and World Time in 29 different time zones making it perfect for the seasoned traveler or backpacker. 

This cute watches also have a full auto-calendar. They are also equipped with a battery that will last up to 3 years. 

A baby-G watch will look great on the beach or at the pool. It will definitely put a smile on your face. 

Relojesmania is an official distributor of Baby-G. All of our products are brand new and the genuine article. We don’t stock fakes or imitations. Your new watch will be shipped in its original box together with a two-year guarantee. If you require any further information about this model, then get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

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