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Citizen Eco Drive watches

citizen eco drive

Light-powered watches, no battery and sustainable.

We all know how long it takes to find a watch that adapts to our lifestyle. This is why we are official distributors of the brand because their designs and innovative technology is apt for anyone who loves quality watches. By selecting this brand, you are choosing to be eco-friendly given that the eco-drive, solar technology works using only sunlight.

You’ll waste no time having to take it for a new battery because these watches don’t need one! Here at Relojesmania we offer the best prices for both ladies and men’s solar-powered watches. Don’t miss out on stylish, quality watches.

Discover both men’s and women’s collections of Citizen eco-drive watches – a model that is especially designed to get wet. They are all water-resistant. These watches can be yours for an amazing price thanks to our special offers.

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What is an eco-drive watch and how does it work?

Citizen invented eco-drive technology. Eco-drive watches don’t ever need a battery change. They generate power from any light source whether that be natural or artificial.

Thanks to this technology, eco-drive models don’t ever need a battery change. They need never be opened which guarantees a perfect seal on the case and the crystal. This in term makes them water-proof. This characteristic makes Citizen solar-powered watches the favourites of divers and scuba divers.

They also have an energy reserve function. In total darkness, the hands stop moving although the watch carries on working perfectly. Once back in the light, it starts working automatically.

The energy reserve function allows the watch to keep running up to 2 years in darkness.

This video shows how this technology works:

What are Citizen solar-powered watches like?

The brand has been chosen brand of the year on several occasions for its continuous effort in applying the latest technology to its watches.

The new Citizen catalogue presents a new series called Automatic along with a new automatic watch complete with a rubber strap and stainless steel bracelet. This adds to the already existing ladies Citizen eco-drive watches that have made the brand famous for what it is.

Each series is different from the rest and reflects your personality whether that be your sporting spirit, urban traits or adventurous outlook.

2020 has arrived with many new products both in the super titanium and radio-controlled collections with new, more efficient models demonstrating that Citizen is once again the number one when it comes to technology.

We want to make a special mention to Citizen radio-controlled watches. With lots of new and exciting features in this collection, as well as some impressive watches presented at the trade show in Basel. These are controlled via satellite – a peek into what the future holds for this marvellous watch brand.

Do you want to stay up-to-date with the latest news from this Japanese brand?

We are official distributors of the brand. We are in constant contact with the brand, quite often being the intermediaries between our client’s questions and Citizen Spain. If you wish to know more about this prestigious brand you can visit the official web here.

Citizen eco-drive straps and replacements.

We are specialists in original Citizen straps. You can find our selection of straps here, If you can’t find the one you’re looking for, send us an email and we’ll quote you in less than 24 hours.

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