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Want to know what watches are in style this year? Harper and Brooks watches.

Harper and Brooks watches

Harper and Brooks watches company was born from a fusion of Scandinavian minimalism and a cosmopolitan New York. A brand that has known how to connect both worlds through a relaxed style far from conventionality. In search for a passionate enthusiast who enjoys a vibrant city life but at the same time needs the tranquillity and sustainability that nature and dreamy landscapes can offer. Both lifestyles can be found in Norway and New York. For this very reason, H&B decided to unite both life styles, the classic, and contemporary in its collections.

Swiss Movement. Handcrafted designs.

Harper & Brooks watches, with headquarters in Norway, is an artisan brand with extremely high standards used throughout the whole process. The result is a watch fitted with a Swiss movement and interchangeable straps made using natural materials such as wool or top quality vegetable tanned leather. The straps are manufactured in the Swedish workshops of Tärnsjö Garveri, experts when it comes to the craftsmanship of superior quality leather. The result, Norwegian unisex watches that combine handmade quality with a delicate step by step process. This is the key to achieving unique and exclusive timepieces.

One style. One version.

From the Harper & Brooks collection, two series stand out. The BERSERK series in which we can find the brand’s most consistent model. Its name portrays just this. Stemming from the word “Viking”, it is an example of resistance and courage. The aesthetic appeal of its clear, simple lines hides the high-quality of Swiss clockwork. This series is characterized through the use of luxury clockwork with a Swiss Ronda 6004D movement, sapphire glass, bezel and stainless steel case measuring 39MM in diameter and a leather strap handcrafted using ecological dyes. Water resistant up to 10ATM. Available from our online store with bezel and case in three different models: Berserk Svart (black-gold), Berserk Svart and Stål (black-stainless steel) and Berserk Stål (stainless steel). You can choose a leather strap in black or navy blue.

Harper and Brooks Berserk

The Üll series represents the brand in its softest form. Complete with Swiss Ronda 762 movement, sapphire glass, stainless steel case and bezel measuring 40MM in diameter. Water resistant up to 5ATM. One of the main characteristics in this series is the strap design, made using first-class wool. An ecological, natural, biodegradable material that makes it cozy to wear when it is cold outside. This strap is equipped with a soft backing for comfort. The Harper and Brooks GRÅ model is a classic in this series with a light grey wool strap, easy to combine with any style and that could easily be behind the brand’s inspiration of the mountainous landscapes in Norway and not forgetting the Fjords.

Harper and Brooks Ull Gra

Interchangeable Straps.

On the online store, you will not only find watches from the brand. Harper & Brooks adds these interchangeable straps to the timeless and stylish collection. They are available for all models. This makes choosing easier. Our recommendation is to stick with your first choice. Choose a design that best suits your style. The straps can be changed as many times and as for many different styles as you wish. Choose between ecological wool, high-quality leather or stainless steel. Changing the strap is so easy.

Harper and Brooks Stal

Through Harper and Brooks watches we are opening you up to Norway, a watch brand in search for people who care about their surroundings, respect superior quality designs and wish to celebrate the pleasure of handcrafted products. It is time to award the know- how of the crafters and enjoy long-lasting treasures. On sale from our online store.

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