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How to clean your watch

como limpiar un reloj dorado

Defining time stylishly is one of the key things to consider when purchasing a watch. Watches are those accessories that never date, those that you inherit and look like you bought yesterday. But, how do you keep your watch looking so good? Just how do you clean a watch?

To make sure your watch doesn’t look old or used and to keep it looking young it is important to keep your watch in good condition by giving it the necessary care and attention it deserves. It is important to know what material your watch is made from so that you can clean it, treat it and store it accordingly. There are some materials that lose their colour and fade over time.

What do I need to clean my watch?

To carry out a basic, universal clean we need:

  • Mild soap.
  • A cup of water.
  • A jewellery brush or for those of you who don’t dispose of professional tools a soft bristled toothbrush can be used.
  • A non-fluffy cloth. The idea is to dry the watch without leaving any fluff behind. Kitchen paper can also be used.
  • For watches with a leather strap it is advisable not to wet the strap. Take off the strap and clean it separately. The strap can also be cleaned by using white vinegar although we do recommend you try it on a small part of the strap first.
  • Alcohol. This is a less common practise but it can be used on rubber straps. IMPORTANT: Do not use this product on watches with gold plated straps.

Steps to take to clean your watch:

  1. Take off the strap. If this is not possible, you can cover the watch with cling film so that it doesn’t get wet – in the given circumstance that the watch is not water proof.
  2. Fill the small cup with warm water and a drop of mild soap. This step differs depending on the type of watch you are cleaning. If the strap is leather white vinegar is used and if it is rubber alcohol is used.
  3. Leave the strap to soak. As we have said previously if, in the given case that you cannot take off the strap you must hold it away from the case for a couple of minutes avoiding contact with the water.
  4. Carrying on, use the brush carefully to wash the watch of any dirt. Do it gently so as to not scratch the surface.
  5. Once the watch is clean, rinse the watch under warm water and with a clean cloth dry it. Remember: It is better to use kitchen paper which doesn’t leave fluff behind.
  6. To make sure that it is fully dry, leave it for a few minutes to air dry.
  7. Finally, attach the strap and gently clean the whole watch.

How often do I need to clean my watch?:

It is not necessary to clean your watch daily. It is advisable to do it once a month, depending on how often you wear the watch in question. However, we do recommend that you clean the links or strap with a cloth every night after wear. By doing this, a more in-depth clean won’t be necessary as often.

If the watch is a family heirloom or delicate it is better to take the watch to a professional watch cleaner who will tell you how to clean it or restore it if necessary.
It is important to know what type of watch you are dealing with, in other words, what type of material has been used to make it, how long it has not been used for, if it is water resistant or not… All these factors are influential when it comes to maintaining your little treasure in good condition. Each and every watch is a world waiting to be discovered.

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