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Wristwatch all the way!


We live in an ever-increasing digital world where technology seems to rule the roost. Therefore, I ask myself is it still necessary to wear a wristwatch when we can just glance at our phone? My first answer would probably be no but then I got thinking and in the next few lines I’m going to explain the reasons as to why everyone should have a watch on their wrist.

I’ll tell you why a watch is still in fashion:

1.It is quicker than your phone.

First and foremost, glancing at your wrist is much more convenient and much politer than having to pull out your phone from your back pocket or hunt for it in your bottomless tote. I would think it extremely rude if someone starting fishing for their mobile mid conversation. I’d be like “hello!”

2.Battery lasts forever.

In my opinion watches beat phones hands down every time given their trusted technology. How long does your mobile battery last? A day at most? I know mine lasts just a few hours. Compare this to my beloved Citizen eco drive wristwatch that runs for hours and hours and hours on end and I would choose a wristwatch any day.

3.Your phone is one of the biggest Time Wasters.

If you are anything like me whose time is golden, using a phone to tell the time is distracting. Who can resist a quick look at Facebook or Instagram and end up wasting 20 minutes in the process? Your phone is a time waster!
Wearing a watch can give away what type of a person you are. It is your way of being able to express yourself and say to the world “hey, look this is who I am.” The watch I’m wearing today a Cluse complete with a simple bezel and interchangeable strap shows others that my personality is very much like a chameleon – I change my style depending on my mood that day. Today I was feeling bold and positive and wanted to show this off to my friends.

4.Family Heritage

Watches are also great to be kept in the family. There is nothing more emotionally valuable than wearing a watch that has been passed down from generation to generation. A treasure within the family that symbolises longevity. I have a vintage Omega that used to belong to my grandmother. I changed the strap for a more modern one and hey presto a unique accessory that will be the envy of all my friends.

The world in which we live is full of stress and complex issues. Sometimes all we want to do is disconnect. So, next time you take a trip to the beach or a hike in the countryside leave your phone behind and wear a watch instead. Not as easy as it sounds but can be done!

Have I convinced you yet? What are you waiting for? Just take a look at the watches we have in store and leave the digital world behind for a moment.

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