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Welcome to Relojesmania, an online watch store of great brands at great prices. Buying watches online from our web is very simple. We offer free shipping worldwide. We are official distributors of the brands you can find in our store.

Fashionable watches, latest trends at fantastic prices. Watches for women, men and children. You can find amongst other brands, Citizen, Casio, Hugo Boss, Daniel Wellington, Hygge, Marc Coblen, Mark Maddox, and many other watch brands.

With so many options, where do I start?

With so many models and special collections to choose from it would be impossible to tackle them all but we can tell you that there are limited editions, commemorative models celebrating special occasions, models from football teams, motor racing, made using different materials, gold, silver, titanium, stainless steel… We recommend you explore yourself, navigate our website and compare all possibilities using our price filter and brand. We have no doubt that you’ll find yours.

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How to choose the best watch?

To help you decide on which watch is best for you we have categorised the web into 3 main groups, men, women and children. This way you can focus on the models for the person you are buying the watch for.

Men’s watches

  • Citizen Eco Drive: When it comes to men’s watches, solar models complete with Eco drive technology are a world apart from the rest. They are ideal for today’s modern man given that they are generally waterproof and have no need for a battery change. In this category, there is no doubt that Citizen is the crème de la crème.
  • Automatic models: The other important group is that of automatic watches, with clockwork that is 100% mechanic and without any microchip they are the most sought after by horological purists and are generally the most expensive models.
  • Analogue watches: There is a huge range of possibilities within this category. They use a battery. Brands such as Viceroy, Hugo Boss Orange and Harper and Brooks fit into this category.

Lady’s watches

  • Fashion watches: We can say, without a doubt that a watch is the perfect accessory if you want to be à la mode. They can be worn with almost any outfit whether that be casual or elegant.
  • Minimalistic watches: Ultra flat models generally teamed with leather straps. This has been one of the most popular watch models in the last few years.

Kid’s watches

  • Sporty: Sporty models and especially digital watches are considered the bees knees amongst children. In this case, it’s important that the size is apt for the age of the boy or girl. Battery life and water resistance are also important.

Our story

Here at Relojesmania we are passionate about watches. Why else would we have a website exclusively dedicated to the world of watches and watch straps? We can’t hide what has been motivating us since we started this incredible journey back in 2008 and this is why we wanted to share with all of you our passion for this small object, the result of technique, precision and wisdom that for decades the very best watchmakers in the world have dedicated their time to. Let’s explore briefly and as a watch fanatic like us, let’s answer some of the questions that we’re sure you’ve asked yourselves over and over.

Who invented the first watches?

We’d first have to determine what a watch is, because the first watches known in history were water clocks, followed by sun dials but we’re not going to go back so far back in history, we’re going to focus on the first pocket watches.

Peter Henlein, a clockmaker from Nuremberg, Germany is considered to be the inventor of the watch. Born in 1485, he is recognised as the father of watchmaking.

What kind of watches exist today?

On our web, you can find all types of watches for all kinds of occasion imaginable. To help you choose the most suitable for each occasion we have categorised our watches by gender and functionality. We haven’t wanted to organise them by brand as we consider it’s our job to help you make the right decision.

There are primarily 3 types of watch:

  • Analogue or Quartz
  • Mechanical whether that be wind-up or automatic
  • Digital

Watches on offer, discounted and outlet watches. Is it worth buying cheap watches?

We are committed to quality and for this reason we only offer well-known, prestigious brands manufactured using quality materials and that come with a two-year guarantee. If you’re looking for an economical watch take a look at our offers and in our outlet section. Here you can find models that are of the same quality and characteristics as in the rest of our store but with huge discounts given they are usually the last units we have in stock or because they are part of a promotion. So, our answer is yes! It’s worth buying cheap models but only if they are high quality and come with a guarantee.

Where can I buy affordable watch straps that come with a guarantee?

We believe it’s as important to look after a watch after you’ve bought it as to actually buy the watch. That’s why we always offer you the possibility of ordering an original strap that you can’t find anywhere else giving your watch a new lease of life. Take a look in our strap section where you’ll find a number of Citizen straps amongst other accessories. You can contact us to order any watch accessory of any of the brands we work with.



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